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I love this sheet! I bought this for my daughter's crib and it is so affordable and soft. Much softer than your average crib sheet. It fits perfectly on a standard crib mattress. I will be buying more.
   Sherwin Jimenez Deleon
Product arrived well-packaged on time.  The material is super cool on the ride and for somebody that fits Men's size medium shirts of all shapes, a size Medium was slightly smaller than most of my wear but fit best for the ride.
The rear pockets with the elastic waste seemed a little strange at first, but were very practical and performed nicely on long rides.  I'm someone for practicality, not fashion, and this jersey does it.
   Yudistira Yuda
It was exactly what my 5 year old wanted!!  Was the perfect Christmas present. Now he wants one for his brother.
   Joe Stebbins
hope color holds better than last pair I got
   Albert Madray

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