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Rado HyperChrome XXL automatic chronograph R32277152 watches price


Rado HyperChrome XXL automatic chronograph R32277152 watches price

At the same time, the brackets on both Rado HyperChrome XXL automatic chronograph R32277152 sides of the case inspired by Saturn's mysterious circular pattern are elegant and smooth, adding a touch of glamour to the collection. Combining state-of-the-art technology and technology, the Swiss Radar HyperChrome series is constantly innovating, launching the highly practical UTC time-of-day watch, combined with the world's most precious materials to create a simple and luxurious diamond watch. The platinum-gold case is made of plasma high-tech ceramics and does not contain any metallic components but presents a fascinating metallic luster. This watch combines the high-tech ceramic watch's non-wearing properties with any fear of time. The hour markers and hands are covered with a luminous coating, while the second time zone is also equipped with a bold red pointer that makes it easy to read the time anytime, anywhere.Plasma high-tech ceramics are 100% made of ceramics, such as warm men's simple and simple, and the warm warm gray light shines into an excellent interpretation of warm men. Resolute tough guys Full of personality More and more hero movies let us appreciate the tough bones of all kinds of tough guys on the big screen, and the tough guys in life are always playing their own iron and blood pride in all fields.

The calendar display swiss military watches function adds more practicality to the watch, and it can accurately grasp the time whether it is working or traveling. The dark brown leather strap, while wearing comfort, gives the watch a classic, calm temperament, echoing the luster of plasma high-tech ceramics. Maybe on the New Year's Eve night, you are in the distance, this lucky watch allows you to not miss the important moment of the hometown New Year's bell.The diamonds in the bezel are sparkling and dazzling, while the white high-tech ceramics are warm and jade-like. The whole watch is a perfect interpretation of the understated luxury. It not only shines brilliantly, but also has a simple and elegant design. It also shows the extraordinary temperament of the wearer.

Rado's global brand spokesperson Agniezka Radwanska won his career at the WTA Top Tour Rogers Cup in Montreal, Canada on August 11th The 14th championship title. The world's fifth-ranked Polish tennis player has lost two straight sets, defeating his opponent in 6-4/6-2, only 1 hour and 22 minutes, and won the first championship of the season. Radwanska, who has entered the semi-finals of the hard court twice this year, has achieved another breakthrough with his strong perseverance, determination of physical strength and determination to win.When the game Agniezka Radwanska proudly raised the trophy, the wrist Rado's HyperChrome comet series white high-tech ceramic automatic mechanical chronograph watched the future star's outstanding talent. And persistent efforts. Radwanska joined the Rado cheap luxury watches family in January 2014 and the two sides will go hand in hand to achieve more glory moments.

The retro style is popular, as a model of fashion walking in the forefront of fashion can be missed, a retro and extraordinary vintage watch will be able to attract attention. The RADO DiaMaster Diamaster series RHW1 limited edition watch is a great choice for men. The saddle leather strap is a popular leather element, adding a bit of aristocratic and mysterious appeal to the watch, allowing the men to interpret the trend while not losing their unique style. The bronzed case is full of years of texture, and the design of the dial is rich in art, breaking the solemn monotony of the traditional watch and achieving the extraordinary fashion taste of the men. At the same time, this watch is equipped with an aluminum movement, the innovative high-tech ceramic material is half the quality of ordinary ceramic material, making the whole watch extremely light and light, and become a stylish men's companion. Has a new RADO Switzerland radar table HyperChrome Opteron series UTC Dual Time wristwatch, you will no longer have a dilemma, watch this series can display the time in two different time zones simultaneously. UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time and uses a more accurate timing method than traditional “GMT”. The two different time zones of this series of Rado can also be converted into two different styles, making it the best travel companion for rado watches for sale fashion celebrities.

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