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, the company contracted with factories in


nike flyknit racer black white for sale has a significant amount of brand equity in terms of recognition and appeal around the world tied to its status among celebrities and sports professionals. Its ongoing sponsorship of events also has built brand recognition for the company, including being known for quality, performance, reliability and innovative style.

nike flyknit racer multicolor cheap decided to increase training for both managers and employees in order to improve the productivity, reduce labor turnover and less sick leave. The decision made involved all level of the organization where the top management make the decision and the subordinates need to collaborate to achieve the company’s goal.

The company is highly profitable due to its strategy to outsource all of its production overseas to keep manufacturing costs as low as possible whilst focusing on design, research, nike flyknit racer for sale and development in the U.S. to create the most efficient labour cost structure possible

First step is identifying the problem or opportunity. Decision maker needs to identify the problem or opportunity before do any decision. Problem is the gap between what is and what have to be. For example, there is a labor practices’ problem occurred in nike flyknit racer review cheap company as stated in Nike first Corporate Responsibility Report, after Nike identify and evaluate its problem and then they came up with ways to resolve the problem.

When nike flyknit racer 2015 for sale was founded in 1972, the company contracted with factories in Taiwan and South Korea to manufacture shoes and related goods. Over the next two decades, workers in these countries successfully lobbied their governments to win improved wages and the right to form labor unions. Faced with these new challenges, Nike moved much of their production to countries like China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, where it is illegal for workers to organize, and where wage rates are some of the lowest in the world.

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